The best sites to upload your music

If you have created your masterpiece in music, then you must be proud of it. You can let the world know and experience your music through uploading it online or on different sites. As a tip, here are the lists of the most reliable and valuable sites wherein you can upload your music for the reason that they are considered as well to be the most visited sites once looking for different music types and you’ll never know your music can be one:


  • YouTube – This is considered as the biggest site for sharing videos all over the world as well as second as most popular search engine next to Google. It is known to be on the top search once internet users are looking for music online. If you are to upload your music on YouTube there will be an assurance that it will be seen by many internet users.
  • Last.FM – This is the most popular and original site for music discovery. It is capable of tracking music everyday then recommends it to millions of people. Since many people are into using this in order for them to discover latest music it would be of great advantage if you are to upload your music here.
  • Bandcamp – known to be nice and rich hosting site for music. Through uploading your music in Bandcamp there will be an assurance that many people can listen to your songs and a lot more. 
  • Facebook – this is considered as the biggest social network in the world. Since many are into using Facebook almost every day it will be of great importance if you are to upload your music on Facebook music player allowing many users to listen as well as share your music to more friends. 
  • Blip.FM – This will be like Twitter of music. There can be two great edges once you are to consider this if you are planning to upload your music. And these are to be discovered and the potential to become a powerful DJ. 
  • thesixtyone – Users are provided with the chance to get rewards and points once they are to review and discover songs. This can be a perfect site in order for you and your music to be discovered.
  • MySpace – This was once considered to be the world’s biggest social network but was replaced by Facebook today. It is considered to be the most music-friendly site so it rebuilds itself as music-center site entirely wherein you can definitely upload your music. Though YouTube and Facebook are now on the top of popularity many people would still choose to visit MySpace once they are looking and wanting to hear music.
  • Sound Cloud – This is considered to be alike with YouTube for Mp3s. It is being used by many in order to easily upload song then embed it to a certain website and finally allow people to listen as well as download the song. 


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