Music Trends for 2016


Welcoming the year 2016 is the perfect time to set our sites and ears on the fresher and latest trends in the music industry. So what’s coming next? According to the latest news, between SXSW, The Grammy and CES, the next few months will going to bring a lot of exciting set of pace until the rest of the year with both classic and up-and-coming artists outside the line. With the combination of established and new artists along with uprising and resurrection of variety of music genres, the year 2016 is sure being a rock to your ears. And now that the rush of resolution is already behind us as 2015 bids goodbye, it’s time to look forward of what’s fresh and new this year ahead. To give you a glimpse about the latest music trend this 2016, we’ve outlined several of the upcoming music trends that’s going to reign this year:


Electro Rock

If you think that rock is dead, well, 2016 is the year for rock revolution, and with new rock music genres that’s going to appear. The new rock genre this 2016 fuses the element of EDM, metal and slow rock and heavy rock. The rock genre is expected to boats high energy-tracks this year, making people mosh and bang their head along with the beat of music. The beats are modern and broad like EDM, but the arrangement will be more progressive and aggressive in metal and rock music. Instruments use energetic and live sounds like guitars and other synth elements like saw waves and bobbles bass. The rock music this 2016 will have multiple genres of EDM like dubstep, electro, trap, and others all in one song. Vocals will also give some hint of rapping verses and singing hooks.



Air pop genre will be bringing different elements of ambient like Trip-hop, Psy Rock and Pop. The revival of big dirty hip hop is also expected to bring live bass control and 808s at the bottom, with vocals which emancipates soft, calm, dark and mysterious elements. Bands like Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, Portishead started this trip hop years before, but with incorporation of new beats and rhythm, they are expected to give a new wave of sound for music lovers this 2016.


Glitch Soulazz

Glitch Soulazz is the combination of DJ-produced electronic music (also known as gitchhop) and traditional jazz added to blues elements. It is not a jazz and it is also not a normal wobble-nerd glitch hop. Glitch Soulazz is far better than jazz and glitch hop because it reinforces sexier and slicker version of the two which really makes it in-trend this 2016.


Country Dance Music 


For country dance music enthusiast, you’ve got to rejoice for the revolution of more country dance music this year. CDM (country dance music) is a combination of 4-in-one-floor rhythm and electronic production that are being overlaid with folk melodies & vocals. But this year will do a lot of experimentation on Country Dance Music as artists’ fuses a love-it-hate-it genres. 


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