How to find a music label

Learn how to find music labels and how to contact them

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In order to send your demos to the record labels, you will need to get their addresses, but how can you possibly find a label addresses? 


Many of the record companies have their office or corporate addresses present on their website, but these aren’t the addresses that you need to seek if you’re sending your demo or material. You will to look for the submission addresses, which may not be freely available for access. Some of the companies like the submission addresses in their FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section of their site. The very first thing that you need to do is to look for the FAQ or Contact Us section of the record label website, and see if they are providing some useful information about where you can possibly find a label address to submit your materials.


Sometimes, looking for the addresses on the label’s site is not sufficient. The necessary information may not be included and you may only end up not getting what you’re looking for. Some of the record label companies don’t post their submission addresses on public in order to avoid the flooding of demos. So, what should be your next move? The best thing to do is to use a music contacts database. For a small fee, you will be provided an access to the contact information of the record deals, including the email addresses, phone numbers, and contact addresses. This is the best way to find a label company to submit your music materials. Almost all of the information provided in those databases are unavailable elsewhere on web, and can give you an edge especially if you really want to get noticed by the record labels that keep their submission very limited. In order to get access in those databases, you need to search in the internet in order to find a service provider that can meet your needs, with numerous contacts, and can assist you in shopping your demos.


You can also find a label company address through their contact information posted on their private website. Check first each individual websites and look for the information you needed through the contacts database. After you have found the necessary information, you can send off your demo and expect to have your music as well as you to become popular by first signing in a record label company.


Now that you have learned where to find the necessary contacts of a record label company, it’s also important for you to learn how to contact them. This can be a challenging and intimidating part of breaking to the music industry, and you need to have a measure of courage and pluck in order to make yourself heard. By any means, find a label and breaking into the music industry is not impossible, and having a bit of knowledge is a great edge for you.

Though this might seem very obvious, the first thing that you need to know is that, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, you can’t simply and easily find a label’s submission address on their website to send your demo. Sometimes, the major label companies don’t seriously consider the unsolicited submissions, so you’re basically swimming against the tide if you don’t know or you’re a completely stranger to a producer or agent. The best way to find a label is to start or build a network; you will never know who’s who and who knows someone who can help you get a contact with a record label company. Keep your eyes and ears sharp about any resources or contacts that might cross your path, even if they unlikely seem.


Let’s say you don’t successful built a network, and don’t have any contacts. As mentioned above, a directory or contacts database should be your first place to go. The record label companies release information about the things like their contacts into the music contact databases. These databases are very valuable resources for you to find a label. They contain the necessary services and information to bring the labels and artists together. Sometimes, going through these service databases to find a label will allow you to submit your demos that done usually take unsolicited materials. You may be required to make a profile on those sites in order for you to see which A&R’s are seeking for materials.


If you successfully find a label that accepts unsolicited materials, you need to send them a package-tailored to their requirements for the submission. If they say they need some cover letters, you need to send over your cover letter. This is a 1-page introduction of yourself as well as the kind of music that represents you in a marketable and fresh way in order to make the A&R representative to get excited and want to see more from you. If the company says that they’re accepting packages or demos, immediately send over you packages, and try to look for the name of the A&R representative for you to send it to. The information need to be available by phone or online. You demo or the package needs to include your demo, cover letter, a band bio, a band photo, and if available, some press clippings. You may also try to email or call them to follow up your submission, but you need to always remember to follow the necessary guidelines in place. Ensure to be enthusiastic and polite in every encounter you make with them. Try to sell yourself or group, without becoming pushy.



For the independent record label companies, the rules are a little different, as the business models differ from one label to another. If the label is a small company, you will need to find the email address and street address posted on their site, to where you can possibly send any queries about where and if they accept demos and submissions. The degree to which the independent record labels consider the unsolicited submission differs. If the able is classified as open submission, you may directly send your materials, but ensure to read the guidelines of submissions if they’re shown or available. The independent labels are great opportunity for you to develop a relationship with the A&R representatives, so ensure to email them a follow up in order to keep the communication flow smooth and open.


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