How To Write a Rap Song

Quick Guide To Learn How To Write a Rap Song

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So you want to learn how to write a rap song ? You want to learn to write great lyrics that you can rap in upbeat music ? If that is what you want, here are some useful tips and lessons on correct lyrics flow, wordplay, punch lines and more. 


The first tip on how to write a rap song would be to draw inspiration to what you observe on your surroundings and how you feel about them. This way, you can be sure that the rap song you write is something that you truly mean and that comes from your heart. It goes to say that this will help you create a rap song that will touch anybody’s heart. 



Writing a Rap Song: How To?


On effectively write a rap song, here are some useful things that can help you. The challenging with writing rap songs is to create the kind of piece that will appeal to your audience and effectively convey your message. Start writing your very own raps with these tips with the basic steps on writing rap song including:


  • Brainstorming Ideas 

What’s great about writing rap songs is that you can write just about anything. You can choose any topic and then let your imagination run wild. You can also start by freestyle rap, find some interesting inspirations and then write every thought, emotion and idea you can think of. All these can be used as a future reference when you finally start writing your rap


  • Listen an Buy an instrumental

If you don’t have enough inspiration to write your rap song, you can get a beat to boost your ideas first. You can find rap instrumentals or beats everywhere on internet : Youtube, Soundcloud, Producer’s page on Facebook… For free download or just listening, the choice is wide. But, if you have a serious project in mind with your rap song and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be professional and buy your instrumentals. Find a beats marketplace like Myflashtore, Soundclick or Beatstars , or directly a producer like me who have his own website with his beats ready to purchase. Several options are available, you can simply lease a beat (other people can lease the same beat) for a limited use or buy exclusive instrumentals and become the owner of the beat. This may sounds complex to you by now but you can visit my website for more details on that notion and of cours listen to my original rap and r&b beats :


  • Writing the Chorus or Hook

The key to an interesting song that will remain in the minds of your audience is the hook or the chorus. It is that part of the song that keeps your listeners on the “hook”. Most rappers start on writing the hook, so it is probably you do that as well. 

On that note, you better remember the basic layout for the rap song which is – intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, bridge and outro. By starting at the chorus, you can very well set the flow and rhythm of the song. At the same time, you get the general idea of what you want to write for the whole song.


  • Writing the Lyrics 

Once you are done writing the chorus, you can now write the whole of the lyrics. Together with the ideas you had brainstormed, you can have a guide of what to write. From these ideas on, you can build and expand so you can create interesting, catchy rap lyrics. When writing the lyrics, keep in mind the rhythm of the song

These are the basic steps on writing rap lyrics but they are not entirely enough in writing your lyrics, you might say. What you need are tips on how to get the right flow of the lyrics, the rhythm, the music and getting it all right so that you catch your listener’s attention, right? In that case, here are some tips for you:

  • You can follow the techniques of some of successful raps songs – opening their songs with the hook which is the part of the song catchiest so as to grab attention right off the bat. 
  • Throughout the whole of the song, have the hook repeated several times in order to make a statement summing up your message. 
  • When writing the hook lyrics, it is best to focus it on a sole strong statement so that it effectively tells your audience what you want to say. 
  • It is okay to be personal when writing your raps, honestly write about who you are. You can also exaggerate on the words to get your message across. 
  • As for the rhyming, raps typically rhyme but they do not have it all matched up. Basically, it is all about how you want to say them while keeping in mind of your audience and message. 
  • When writing, you can start by simply writing your ideas as is without worrying about the rhymes. Sometimes, there are rhymes that just happened so which you can use while those that are not you can just look for words that rhyme and convey what you mean. 
  • As for the flow, you can expert by mixing up the pace. The rapid vs. slow phrasing is one that’s popular in personal style. You can use this for keeping your listeners interested for the whole time. 

One of the best ways you can employ on how to write a rap song is by studying your favorite rap artists. Listen to their songs and find out the patterns on their songs if you can. You can study their flow and style and surely you can find some interesting things you can apply on your own. Of course, originality is important so do not copy everything about your favorite artist. 


It is important that you can find your own personal style when writing rap songs. If you are still struggling with your personals style, you can instead blend it with what you have so that you can create something that’s entirely fresh and entirely your own.


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