10 things about The Weeknd (and his music)

 The Weekend a True Star Boy




Abel Tesfaye, known by most as The Weeknd, is a young alternative R&B singer whose music is presently tearing up the streets and airways. He was born on February 16, 1990. This Canadian “Star Boy” singer, song writer and producer, really came to fame in 2010 after uploading songs on to YouTube. His life has been filled with the struggles like most, but he has now grown to be an international name in most households. Here is a list of 10 things to know about The Weeknd and his music.


  • Ethiopian Heritage 

The Weeknd has no siblings. He is the son of two Ethiopian migrants to Canada. He grew in Toronto. While living there, he grew up in a single-parent home. His mother was constantly working several jobs to provide for the family. Thus, he spent lots of time with his grandmother. As a result of this, he became fluent in Amharic very early in his youth. 



  • Did not complete school but still made it

This artist The Weeknd has modified the genre with what some might term dark R&B. He acquired his schooling at Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute and West Hill Collegiate Institute. Unfortunately, he did not graduate from either of the institutions. The same time he decided to quit school he also left home to face the world on his own. He still values education and knows everyone cannot take the same path.



  • Delinquent Youth

The Weeknd first started using drugs very early. Mr. Tesfaye began using marijuana when he was 11. This led him to the stronger drugs. He was also caught shoplifting on several occasions. To satisfy his drug problem.



  • Early Musical work

Tesfaye’s career started when he uploaded songs on YouTube. From there he went on to release three mixtapes : House Of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence. These became extremely popular forcing him to produce a compilation dubbed Trilogy. His debut studio album was released in 2013 and was entitled Kiss Land. This album debuted at number two on Billboard. Two years later The Weeknd brought out his second album named, Beauty Behind the Madness



  • What’s with the Hair? 

The Weeknd is known for his rad hairstyle. He was famous for rocking locks on top of his head like a large wave. And the sides shaved. He claims that it did not take much to produce this style. Just that occasional shampoo. He pushed this style for four years but has recently chosen a regular low haircut.



  • Awards

The Weeknd has achieved much in his relatively short international career. In 2016 his album called Beauty Behind the Madness gave him two Grammy Awards. He won best Urban Contemporary Album and his track, “Earned It” won best R&B performance. His most recent album “StarBoy” went certified platinum. The Weeknd is the proud recipient of two American Music Awards and nine Juno Awards. In addition, he is the founder and producer of the XO record label. 



  • Love-life

Earlier in his life, The Weeknd was a womanizer. He admitted to losing his virginity at 16. From there he lived a life filled with sex. He would entertain the groupies, and he enjoyed it. Presently he has settled and was in a serious relationship with Selena Gomez.



  • Musical Inspirations

Tesfaye is one of those R&B singers that captivates you. Some might say he has a sound similar to that of Michael Jackson. Michael happens to be one of his greatest musical inspirations. Another great legend in the business who has inspired The Weeknd is Prince. But The Weeknd brought his own style to the R&B scene. He is the one who created a dark and alternative R&B. His songs on Trilogy was a mix of his angelic voice and slow, melodic dark R&B instrumental beats.



  • Popular Associates 

The Weeknd has done many collaborations with Drake. R&B fans would know he is another top Canadian entertainer. It is reported that they are even friends. Lana Del Rey and Future are other popular name in the music industry that Tesfaye has been associated.




  • Advice for the World 


The Weeknd is a firm believer in working hard at your craft. He believes that life has its challenges, but you must be determined to progress. He has been quoted as saying, “Push it to the limit, push it through the pain.” This can be taken to refer to life and its struggles, knowing that you are a prisoner to your decisions. 

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