trap beat maker online
trap beat maker online

Who I AM

After several years as beatmaker in a french rap band (Senseï), I decided to continue making music and live for my passion.


In 2012, I started to sell my first beats online and launch my own website www.misterlazy.com .

Inspired by many genres from Hip Hop and R&B to Pop music, I love to make eclectic and alternative instrumentals, quite different from what you can hear on other websites.


Selling music all over the world lead me to collaborate with other artists and producers. In 2015, I began to work with MavrickPopBeats (#1 website to buy pop beats online). Youtube rising star Joe Weller used one of my beats for his song "With My Load" (more than 4 millions views on Youtube).


My goal is to provide high quality music  and propose the best beats on the market.


Localisation : Limoges, France


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