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In this modern era of digitalization, it has become much more feasible for independent artists to sell their music online. Independent music is a great industry in itself that gives huge exposure to innovative music. It leaves room for artists to experiment with music in their way. But what hinders them sometimes is the refusal from renowned music companies that only look for brands and not give way to any upcoming independent talent. Well, the best way for them is to sell their music as independently as they are making it. They don't need to go to any record labels or contract. They can look for online collective music vendors and can make their music directly available to the audience. Now, to get the best selling music online, here are 10 wonderful tips that an independent artist can follow:


1. Quality check - This is the first and foremost step that you should pay attention to. Your music will have no value unless the audio quality is ensured. So you have to check that the quality of your audio is as good as your music itself. The best process to do so is to play your audio in as many different players as you can. Try to get it recorded and mixed from a professional studio to ward off errors. Play it in computer, MP3 players, car stereos and any type of sound system in which you can expect your listeners to play it. Make sure your audio source is WAV or FLAC files that are not compressed unlike MP3. Always upload high quality music files and get it mastered to improve the quality.


2. Perfect info - Give relevant information for your music that will make listeners identify your brand. Your music should have meta data containing good titles, artist name and music name. Sometimes giving a short description about the making of the music can create interest for viewers. There should be no grammatical or spelling errors and the language in which the information is presented should be interesting and attractive enough.


3. Excellent artwork -Remember, this is a time of audio-visual. People are attracted more by what they see. Hence, make sure that your music has a good cover page with an artistic and innovative artwork. This will attract traffic to your music. People will identify your music at once when this good artwork will register in their mind. This is the way to make the first impression that will draw them into listening to your music.


4. Get Copyright - Don't forget to do this. You are giving your music to public sites and hence there is every chance they can be ripped off. Therefore, get your copyright and licenses. In case you are going for a cover, get the proper license from the owners. Once these are done, you can start publicizing about your release dates and teasers on social sites.

5. Get your music retailer-This is a very vital step that you must take special care of. There are various retailers ranging from small too big. You have to shop around a little in order to find which one is suitable for your music. The terms and costs of each retailer need to be taken into account before choosing one.


6. Make a digital distribution deal with the retailer - The digital retailers such as iTunes, Shopify, Amazon etc. are aggregators with whom you have to establish a deal on digital music distribution. Make your deal with a digital music company that specializes in distributing music for independent musicians. These companies have direct contact with the various digital retail stores for music.


7. Read the vending agreement properly - Online sites offer equitable deals. Go through the terms of the contract properly like royalty claims and premiums. Getting proper knowledge is a must before you actually go for it.


8. Create your website and brand - This is really important as people may look for the artist behind the independent music you are promoting. You can start with simple blogs or Facebook page and can gradually go for hosted website. A proper logo with good pictures and attractive info can do wonders. Remember, your website will be your brand and hence plan and design it accordingly.


9. Promote your music - This can be done by using social sites. YouTube can be a great option. You can even go for paid promotion in YouTube. Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to give posts and if needed use paid 'boost posts' option in Facebook.



10. Use and expand your connections - Get hold of your relatives and friends and seek their help in promoting your music. Try to have connections in local satellite and print media and web publications. Try to get performances for your new music that you can upload in social sites. Ask your friends to share your music in the social sites and distribute free CDs and play your music in any party that you visit.


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